Exclusive Mortgages for our Lifetime ISA savers

The home for your Cash Lifetime ISA could be a good place for your mortgage.

Every little helps when you’re a first time buyer, so we’ve got mortgage deals exclusively for Skipton Lifetime ISA (LISA) customers who are ready to buy their first home. Get up to £1,750 cashback^ on selected products, borrow up to 95% of the value of your property and don’t pay any upfront fees. Add a personal mortgage adviser to the mix and you might just have found a good place for your mortgage.

No application fees

You won't pay any upfront application fees when you apply for a mortgage.

Low deposit options

We have options to borrow up to 95% of your property value.

Up to £1,750 cashback^

A little boost to help get you started in your new home.


Why we're a good place

When you get a Skipton mortgage, you don’t just get a loan - you get 166 years of expertise from an award-winning mortgage provider that’s trusted by over a million customers.

Handy to know

  • Up to £1,500 cashback on selected mortgages plus another £250 cashback for being a Skipton LISA customer taking a Skipton mortgage. All cashback is paid after completion. £250 cashback offer terms and conditions apply.^
  • Our Lifetime ISA exclusive mortgage deals are only available to Skipton LISA customers who opened their LISA 2 months before their mortgage application and are buying their first home.
  • If your mortgage is in joint names, only one customer needs to have a Skipton LISA.
  • All of our mortgages are subject to affordability and our lending criteria at the time.

If you're planning on using the money in your LISA towards buying your first home, you should be aware that any withdrawals within the first 12 months of your first payment into a Lifetime ISA will incur a 25% government withdrawal charge, which would mean you would get back less than you paid in. After that, you can withdraw money to buy your first home, but for any other withdrawals before the age of 60, the government withdrawal charge will apply (unless you are diagnosed with a terminal illness).

Worried about mortgage jargon?

Don't be. We've got you covered with our jargon buster.


The Loan To Value is the proportion of a mortgage compared with a property’s value. It’s expressed as a percentage so an £85,000 loan on a £100,000 property would be an LTV of 85%.


Annual Percentage Rate of Charge is the annual total that your mortgage will cost you, expressed as a percentage. It includes all interest, fees and charges that may apply. You can use this to compare different mortgages.

Mortgage jargon buster

^£250 cashback offer T&Cs:

Subject to our normal affordability assessment and lending criteria at the time, Skipton Lifetime ISA customers who are buying their first home with a Skipton mortgage will be eligible for £250 cashback following completion of their mortgage. This offer is only valid for mortgages completing from 6 April 2018 to 30 June 2027. Cashback will be paid for new mortgages where at least one of the applicants is a Skipton Lifetime ISA customer buying their first home. If the mortgage is in joint names and with another Skipton Lifetime ISA holder, only one cashback amount will be paid. Cashback will only be available once.

Lots more mortgages

As well as exclusive products for our Lifetime ISA Savers, you also have access to our wide range of products available for new purchases. These are available to First Time Buyers, whether they have a Skipton Lifetime ISA or not.

Mortgages for First Time Buyers

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