Will writing

It’s important to have a Will to make sure your wishes are understood and carried out by someone you can trust.

Without one, your property and belongings could be left to someone you didn’t intend, or even to the state.

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that tells people what you want to happen to your estate after you die.

Why do I need a Will?

  • To make sure your property and belongings are left to the people you want to have them
  • Without a Will, the law decides how your property and belongings are shared out
  • It makes it easier for your loved ones to sort things out when you die.
  • Make a Will

    We can help you arrange a Will that’s tailored to your personal circumstances. There’s a flat rate - no matter how long it takes or how intricate it is, you won’t be charged extra.

    Updating a Will

    If your circumstances have changed, you might need to update your existing Will. It’s also useful to review it every two to three years to make sure it’s still in line with your wishes and any changes to tax rules or other regulations.

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    Find out if you could benefit from a Will. Call today for a free telephone consultation.

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